i love the bright colors and sweet moments in these pics. gummy smiles and chubby cheeks are the best!

emerson_6 month_01 emerson_6 month_05 emerson_6 month_06 emerson_6 month_27 emerson_6 month_35a emerson_6 month_40 emerson_6 month_41 emerson_6 month_42 emerson_6 month_59 emerson_6 month_62 emerson_6 month_73 emerson_6 month_78 emerson_6 month_79 emerson_6 month_80 emerson_6 month_83 emerson_6 month_86 emerson_6 month_87_bw emerson_6 month_88_bw

country glam, high fashion or boho chic- gabrielle rocks it! her giant smile is her best accessory!
i loved seeing so many sides of her personality on our shoot and of course, i loved that she wanted to incorporate “maybelle” her vw bug into the shoot.

gabrielle_01 gabrielle_02 gabrielle_29 gabrielle_30 gabrielle_34 gabrielle_35 gabrielle_36 gabrielle_37 gabrielle_38 gabrielle_39 gabrielle_40 gabrielle_67_bw gabrielle_75_bw gabrielle_75 gabrielle_78 gabrielle_79 gabrielle_82

taylor and stephen had the most perfect wedding celebration! the classic and timeless design mixed with the many personal special touches made every moment sweet and memorable. family is very important to these two and it was lovely to see how they made so many people feel special on their wedding day. i loved photographing such a sweet couple on their big day!

taylor+stephen_002_bw taylor+stephen_006 taylor+stephen_007 taylor+stephen_009 taylor+stephen_026_bw taylor+stephen_041 taylor+stephen_051_bw taylor+stephen_053 taylor+stephen_082 taylor+stephen_083 taylor+stephen_099 taylor+stephen_103_bw taylor+stephen_110 taylor+stephen_125_bw taylor+stephen_129 taylor+stephen_131 taylor+stephen_134 taylor+stephen_176 taylor+stephen_192 taylor+stephen_200 taylor+stephen_235 taylor+stephen_284 taylor+stephen_285 taylor+stephen_322 taylor+stephen_342_bw taylor+stephen_359 taylor+stephen_364 taylor+stephen_385 taylor+stephen_421 taylor+stephen_444 taylor+stephen_478 taylor+stephen_486 taylor+stephen_493 taylor+stephen_513 taylor+stephen_525 taylor+stephen_539 taylor+stephen_540 taylor+stephen_543 taylor+stephen_560 taylor+stephen_566_bw taylor+stephen_582 taylor+stephen_595 taylor+stephen_596 taylor+stephen_606 taylor+stephen_613 taylor+stephen_624 taylor+stephen_625 taylor+stephen_643 taylor+stephen_653 taylor+stephen_693 taylor+stephen_698 taylor+stephen_712 taylor+stephen_746_bw taylor+stephen_761 taylor+stephen_780 taylor+stephen_794_bw taylor+stephen_805 taylor+stephen_840_bw taylor+stephen_841 taylor+stephen_847

Green Bee Floral Designs
Leigh Pearce Events
Forsyth Country Club
The Prettiest Pieces Vintage Rentals
Carla White Hair and Makeup Greensboro NC
Kenneth Eller

i look forward to seeing this crew every year. there is so much love in this little family! from flower picking, a brief homework break and some tickle torture they always embrace the chaos of three kids with so much love in their hearts (and a little bit of bribery, lol!)

ermentrout-2017_13_bw ermentrout-2017_19 ermentrout-2017_20 ermentrout-2017_21 ermentrout-2017_41 ermentrout-2017_43 ermentrout-2017_45 ermentrout-2017_49_bw ermentrout-2017_51 ermentrout-2017_52 ermentrout-2017_53 ermentrout-2017_54 ermentrout-2017_55 ermentrout-2017_56 ermentrout-2017_57 ermentrout-2017_72_bw ermentrout-2017_72

it was such a pleasure to meet the second barger girl for her senior portraits. i photographed claire’s sister a couple of years ago. like her sister, claire has an easy and sweet smile, but i could see her understated, but evident free spirit shining thru.

claire_2017_06 claire_2017_07 claire_2017_12_bw claire_2017_24_bw claire_2017_27 claire_2017_28 claire_2017_34 claire_2017_53 claire_2017_54 claire_2017_57 claire_2017_58 claire_2017_59

this little animal lover came for a visit to the whitebox farm for her 6 month portrait session. i don’t think she was to sure about meeting big momma the chicken for the first time!

charlie_6months_24 charlie_6months_25 charlie_6months_28 charlie_6months_29 charlie_6months_31 charlie_6months_46 charlie_6months_47 charlie_6months_48 charlie_6months_49 charlie_6months_50 charlie_6months_51



i photographed hannah six years ago, so it was so much fun to shoot her senior portraits and see how she has grown up over the years. she is still the sweet and fun girl that i photographed in in 2011, but now she is all as she finishes up her senior year and heading to college.

hannah-s_01 hannah-s_02 hannah-s_03 hannah-s_20 hannah-s_21 hannah-s_22 hannah-s_23 hannah-s_24 hannah-s_25

i loved working with morgan on her downtown winston photo shoot. the camera loves her! she is a super talented dancer and really knows how to move her body for the camera. i am digging the red chucks and the cute dress!

morgan_001 morgan_002 morgan_003 morgan_020_bw morgan_025 morgan_030 morgan_031 morgan_032 morgan_033 morgan_035 morgan_036 morgan_071 morgan_081 morgan_082

it may be october, but it still feels like summer with this unseasonably warm weather! there is no better way to hang on to that summer fun feeling than a breakfast of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at the pool with cute puppies!

wood_2017_01 wood_2017_02 wood_2017_03 wood_2017_04 wood_2017_10 wood_2017_11 wood_2017_12 wood_2017_20 wood_2017_25 wood_2017_26 wood_2017_36 wood_2017_43 wood_2017_44 wood_2017_45 wood_2017_46 wood_2017_64 wood_2017_72 wood_2017_73 wood_2017_75 wood_2017_76 wood_2017_80 wood_2017_81 wood_2017_82 wood_2017_93 wood_2017_104 wood_2017_113 wood_2017_115 wood_2017_134 wood_2017_135 wood_2017_138


olivia was so much fun to photograph! her easy laugh and eclectic style shines through in her senior portrait shoot. it was so hard to narrow down her images because i loved so many of them. Face Forward and The Prettiest Pieces helped make this session magic!

olivia_01 olivia_02 olivia_03 olivia_04 olivia_05 olivia_06 olivia_07 olivia_08 olivia_30 olivia_63