Ready. Set. Go!
Here are a few FAQ’s that will help you be prepared to have fun, to relax and to enjoy our upcoming photoshoot.
Where Will Our Photoshoot take place?
It depends.  I travel all over the world for my clients, literally.  I have been to India, Costa Rica, Spain, Montana, NY, well you get the picture, but most of my portrait sessions take place in my backyard or yours.  I live on a beautiful old farm, the Whitebox farm, and I love shooting there.  Check out my slideshow about my farm and some of the images that were created there.  I also love shooting at people’s homes.  Kids feel comfortable there.  It is your haven, your special place, so why not get some photos that will help you remember it forever?  There are tons of options.  We can also meet at a downtown area for some urban shots, a beautiful park, a mountain trail, the beach, wherever you want!
What If It Rains?
Welp, rain happens.  Overcast or stormy skies can be cool and dramatic, but most of the time I prefer to reschedule for sunny skies.  It might be a hassle to reschedule, but you will be happy when you see your photos that we waited for a pretty day.
When Do You Shoot Portraits?
I shoot a lot of weddings, so many Saturdays I am celebrating somewhere with a bride and groom.  I do have some Saturdays available, but they go fast, so book your session early!  We are usually booked 2-3 months in advance.  We schedule sessions for the most beautiful natural light.  Morning sessions are early (especially on the beach) and afternoon sessions start about 2 hours before sunset.  Sundays are my family days.
What Do We Wear?
Most importantly wear what you feel beautiful in and what is comfortable.  Check out my pinterest board of “sweet shoot wardrobes” for ideas.  I also suggest looking through the blog to see what other folks have worn and see what you like.
Here Are A Few Tips:
GO BOLD!  Pastels tend to wash people out, so deep hues and bold primary colors are a good choice.
GO BIG!!  Skip the tiny prints and patterns because they do not show up on photos.  Big stripes, polka dots and other graphic patterns look great.
SPICE IT UP!  Adding a pop of bright color to your outfit can really make a photo.  Red shoes, a yellow jacket, a bright scarf or a fun piece of jewelry are great ways to add color.
BRING THE FUN!  Bring toys or sports equipment that your kids love.  These props will help mark this special time in your kiddo’s life and help your child feel at ease during the shoot.
COMFORT IS KING!  Above all make sure that your clothes are comfortable.  Happy people take great photos!
MORE IS MORE!  Bring lots of clothing options, and we will help you pick the best combo of clothes.
How Do We Prepare For Our Photoshoot?
The number one rule is don’t stress!  I am very laid back, and I like everyone to have fun.  Prepare your kids that you are going to go play with a photographer that is going to do some silly games and take some pictures.  Remember, there is no rush.  I allow up to two hours for our session, so I like to meet everyone, let the kids run around for a bit, look through your clothes and props that you might have brought and let everyone settle in before we start shooting.  When everyone is ready, then we play!   I have a bazillion tricks to get your little one to laugh.  I will guide you to do activities with your kids that will be fun for everyone and make for great photos.  I also suggest a reward at the end of the session for kids.  It can even be something that we work into our photos, like ice cream, bubble gum and new toy.  A little bribery never hurts, right?!
What Do We Get When Our Session Is Over?
We set up an in person ordering session for all local sessions.   You will be able to preview your images 24 hours before your ordering session so you have an idea of what you would like to order.  You might choose a package that includes prints and digital files or an album or custom cards.  It is up to you!  Sometimes it is helpful to have a pro set of eyes to advise you as to what photos would look good on your wall or how things would look in an album.  Most clients choose a few favorite images to order a canvas print or a large art print to decorate their homes with.  I love image galleries (3-5 images grouped together on a wall).  We can help you choose images and sizes for your art pieces.  In addition to an art piece, most folks want a combination of smaller prints and digital files.  Check out our collections to see what would best fit your needs (email for details).  Ordering sessions are just that….a time to order your images so you can get those gorgeous photos up on your walls asap.  Make sure all of the decision makers are at the ordering session.
Do You Archive My Images?
I wish I had unlimited storage available, but with the volume of images that we shoot we cannot archive your images for you.  When you make your order, we will archive the files of the images that you order for 1 year.  After that we have to wipe them to make room for the new year.  If you purchase the digital files you will get a flash-drive or disc with your images on them.  Once you receive the flash-drive or disc, you are responsible for backing up your files.  I recommend backing them up several places, like on a hard drive, online storage or a disc in your safety deposit box.
How Do We Pay You?
A deposit is required to reserve a date for a wedding or a portrait session.  We take cash, check or credit card.  Deposits are non-refundable.